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"Jeune Femme en Habit Traditionnel Ottoman" (detail) by Charles François Jalabert (1819-1901).
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Orient Express
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Exposition Orient Express

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Mark Shaw on the set of Sabrina, 1953.
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Olga Spessivtseva and Serge Lifar in La Chatte

“I have been to the Russian ballet,” Alabama tried to explain herself, “and it seemed to me—Oh, I don’t know! As if it held all the things I’ve always tried to find in everything else.”
“What have you seen?”
“La Chatte, Madame, I must do that some day!” Alabama replied impulsively.
A faint flicker of intrigued interest moved the black eyes recessionally. Then the personality withdrew from the face. Looking into her eyes was like walking through a long stone tunnel with a grey light shining at the other end, sloshing blindly through dank dripping earth over a moist curving bottom.
“You are too old. It is a beautiful ballet. Why have you come to me so late?”
“I didn’t know before. I was too busy living.”
“And now you have done all your living?”
“Enough to be fed up,” laughed Alabama.
Zelda Fitzgerald, Save me the Waltz

Hair Ornament
Cartier, 1930
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Dmitry Kardovsky - Street cafe, 1890
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“I didn’t know who David Bowie was but this was the whitest man I had ever seen - translucent white! Then he had orange hair. I’m not talking about your momma’s orange hair, I’m talking about orange orange! He was about 98lb, he was thin, thin. Freaky! At one point I told him, ‘You look like shit man! You need some food, you need to come to my house.‘” – Carlos Alomar 

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Marina Kondratyeva and Nikolai Fadeyechev in ‘Giselle’
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by   Alexander Scriabin

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Opaque  by  andbamnan